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Orchard Farm - CCTV Case Study


Client has a farm, fishing lakes and rents out commercial units. The client spends a lot of time out of the country playing golf and would like to be able to keep an eye on the site. The client was looking for a new cctv system with full external coverage for security but also to alert them when fishermen are using the lake.


We chose to install a 9 x camera Dahua IP cctv system. We installed a mini data cabinet to house the NVR and monitor in a store room. 

To keep this system separate from the existing internet system we chose to install a standalone 4G aerial and router to put the system online for remote viewing and smart remote notifications. 

We had to install wireless links to extend the network between buildings as we were unable to get cables between buildings for the cctv cameras. We used cameras with AI Technology and SMD (smart motion detection).

This means the cameras are able to accurately identify a human or vehicle and report notifications to a mobile device if a human or vehicle crosses a line or enters an area between a preset time. On this site the client received a notification if a human or vehicle crosses a line on the way in to the car park for the fishing lake. They also receive notifications if a human or vehicle is moving around the farm out of hours. 

This client has also opted for our yearly maintenance package which includes many items such as lens cleaning, visual inspections, hard drive health check, tripwire/ intrusion checks, time and date check, update firmware to latest version and carry out a fault log check.


“It is great to be able to view the site remotely anywhere in the world. The added bonus of the smart remote notifications are very useful and we have peace of mind knowing that we have a maintenance contract in place.”

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