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The Cotley Inn, Chard - WIFI Case Study


We were contacted by Ben and Maddy from ‘The Cotley Inn’ at Wambrook near Chard to look into options for WiFi distribution 

They had great incoming speeds on the broadband to the office where the router was sited but this did not reach everywhere required. They had a large old building with thick walls, separate buildings for guest and staff accommodation plus a separate unit in the beer garden serving pizza and drinks in the summer. 

The 4G signal in the area is poor/non-existent so we had to design a bespoke system to cover all needs for the business, staff, owners & guests. 


We opted for the TP Link Omada dual band WiFI system with a cloud controller kit. 

The TP link Omada system was a great choice here as it is very versatile. In total we installed 12 WiFi access points with a mixture of internal traditional discs that are ceiling and wall mounted and external access points that are pole mounted. 

The internal discs are strategically positioned to provide full WiFi coverage on the inside of the building with a seamless handshake between APs as your mobile device moves around the building. 

The external APs send WiFi out to the beer garden for guests to use but also create a mesh/wireless link to the guest and staff accommodation where inside they have additional ceiling mounted APs.

The client also needed a hard wired LAN connection to the card reader in the pizza/ bar building in the garden. This was done using 2 x external WiFi beams to create a wireless link between the main building & the garden building. 


The main reason we opted for the TP link Omada WiFi system on this project was because of the cloud controller and the option to fully customise the system.

  1. The cloud controller enables us to remotely log into the system to check for abnormalities, TP Link tech team can also remotely log into the system to provide support if required and our client also has a guest login to the system from anywhere in the world. We can alter settings from our office without the need for an engineer to attend.
  2. Once logged into the cloud controller you can easily see a report which will tell you things like how many devices are connected to each AP, how long for and how much data is being pulled through each device. 
  3. From the cloud controller we can also carry out firmware updates on the cloud controller itself and also on the APs as and when the new firmware updates are available. 
  4. The custom settings we chose on this site were:
    STAFF NETWORK – this serves all members of staff plus the business needs e.g card machines, cash tills, audio system and Smart TVs etc. This profile runs at full superfast speeds.
    GUEST NETWORK – this is the network all guests use to login and use the WiFi for light browsing and emails etc. We have limited the rates on this network to keep the business running smoothly without slowing down the network.
    AUTHENTICATION – all guests that log onto the guest network are required to read and accept the custom T&Cs and input their email address before connecting. This is great for the business as they are creating a database of client email addresses which can be used in the future for email marketing showcasing offers, mothers day, fathers day, easter, Christmas & upcoming events etc.
    SPLASH PAGE – there is a fully customisable splash page where we can input the clients logo, picture and a customisable message.
    HOME PAGE – once guests have successfully accepted the T&Cs and input their email address they will then be automatically directed to the businesses website before they continue on to do their own browsing.


“Used to Install and set up CCTV and a Wi-Fi network with a splash page. Install was very professional with great customer service. After the install the after-sales service has been impeccable, they get stuck in troubleshooting or happy to help fine tuning. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”
Ben & Maddy, The Cotley Inn.

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