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Taun-Tech provide all aspects of CCTV installation for homes and businesses across the South West. Our security team has over 20 years of industry experience and specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of both residential and commercial CCTV systems.

Having a new CCTV system installed should not be viewed as the sole answer to solving a security problem. CCTV should instead be viewed as one of the many key components of your overall home security or commercial security system.

Our service is totally bespoke, but as standard, our CCTV systems come with 5MP (full HD)audio recordinginfrared light (night vision), remote viewing (via our complimentary mobile App) and a FREE 3 Year Warranty. A full breakdown of our most effective and popular CCTV cameras can be found below.

If you would like us to help with a CCTV installation then we strongly recommend getting in touch to book a free site survey. This is a crucial step for designing an effective CCTV system because each site has different lighting and weak spots.

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Our CCTV Camera Systems

To avoid any gaps in coverage we design our systems using a combination of the cameras listed below.

Bullet CCTV Camera | Taun-Tech

Bullet CCTV Cameras

A cylindrical shape, bullet cameras act as a visible deterrent for businesses and homeowners. They are fully HD, with a wide angle lens making them a great for longer range use cases (e.g. driveways).

Turret CCTV Camera | Taun-Tech

Turret CCTV Cameras

Turret cameras, also known as eyeball cameras, are intelligent security cameras that can detect people and vehicles. They are fully HD, with a wide-angle lens and easily pivotable in any direction.

Dome CCTV Camera | Taun-Tech

Dome CCTV Cameras

The dome camera system is perfect for indoor and outdoor surveillance. Dome cameras are fully HD and the ability to monitor at wide angles, allowing teams to adjust the camera lens to desired distance.

PTZ CCTV Camera | Taun-Tech

PTZ CCTV Cameras

The PTZ CCTV camera stands for pan, tilt and zoom and is a great solution for monitoring a large outdoor area (e.g. carparks) where general surveillance is required. Controlled camera movement is possible via our mobile App from the comfort of your office or home. PTZ cameras are popular on farms for lambing, calving, foaling and to cover livestock in large fields. from the comfort of your office or home.

ANPR CCTV Camera | Taun-Tech


ANPR cameras (automatic number plate recognition) document all number plates entering your site. You can search the database of plates and record a video of the vehicle entry. Whitelisted number plates can enter upon arrival. You will be notified if a backlisted number plate attempts entry.

Thermal CCTV Camera | Taun-Tech

Thermal CCTV Cameras

A thermal camera is a great solution for any customer who needs to be notified when there is an increase in temperature. Thermal cameras can provide an effective detection of intruders. For example, cross line detection, motion detection or loitering detection.

Live Footage Of A Taun-Tech CCTV System In Action:

“Here’s one of our recently installed CCTV systems in action last night. AI technology detected human activity within an intrusion zone. Our CCTV cameras notified our clients mobile, client called police and the police arrived within 15 mins. The thieves only just managed to get away with a very small amount of armoured cable. A great result for our client!” – Nathan Tanner, Director

CCTV Case Studies

Apollo Accident Repair Centre, Exeter (CCTV)

Brympton House, Yeovil (WIFI & CCTV)

Orchard Farm, Wellington (CCTV)

Ultra Parts, Barnstaple (CCTV)

Private Client, Bridgwater (CCTV)

CCTV Cost Examples

The cost of installing a CCTV system is dependent on several factors including the number of CCTV cameras and the type of camera(s) required. However, it’s key to note that CCTV should only be viewed as one piece of your overall security system, so it’s important to factor in the cost of having an intruder alarm installed if you do not currently have one.

In order to provide you with a CCTV quote we strongly recommend contacting us to book a free site survey. From here we can offer consultation and obtain the information needed to determine what is needed to build the most secure solution for your premises.

Example CCTV Prices (exc. VAT):

  • 1 camera with a POE INJ recorder, SD storage card, 5MP quality – prices from £425.
  • 2 cameras with a 4ch NVR recorder, 1TB HDD storage card, 5MP quality – prices from £650.
  • 3 cameras with a 4ch NVR recorder, 2TB HDD storage card, 5MP quality – prices from £750.
  • 4 cameras with a 4ch NVR recorder, 2TB HDD storage card, 5MP quality – prices from £850.

*Optional features: full colour at night, auto track PTZ, 2-way audio, siren/strobe, smart notifications, thermal imaging & more.

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